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Information on Maro

A village where quiet reigns...

Maro is a small village in the west of the province of Malaga, near the border with the province of Granada, located at the foot of La Sierra Almijara - The Natural Park - on fertile land devoted to fruit and vegetable cultivation which stretches down towards the sea, creating some of the most beautiful scenery on the whole of the coast, a panorama to which tiny Maro itself, clean and tranquil, makes an important contribution. Within its boundaries are Nerja Cave, a veritable wonder of nature, and Maro Cliffs - a Beauty Spot - .


The Maro cliffs

This is situated at the mouth of the Barranco de Maro (Maro Ravine), known farther up as the De la Coladilla-Cazadores. Access is gained past kilometre 294 of the N-340 in direction Nerja-Almeria, entering the old national road immediately before the beginning of a bend. Carrying on some 300metres, we veer to the left before passing the bridge, and go down to the Barranco Maro via a lane in extremely bad condition (only 4x4 vehicles should attemp it).



From here we can see, farther up, the Acueducto del Aguila (Eagle´s Aqueduct), still in perfect condition, built in the last century to carry water to the mills of the old San Joaquín sugar factory in Maro. Upon arriving at an "apero" (tools shed), the route turns into a pathway, which it is only possible to descend on foot and wearing sports shoes, surrounded by sugar-cane and sub-tropical crops. We must continue along the left hand side until reaching a small building from which the path begins, which takes us down to this small yet pretty cove of rounded rocks. Its interest lies more in its secluded nature than in bathing. The total length of the route is of little more than one kilometre.
A further suggestion would be to carry on over the bridge instead of veering to the left, taking the earthen path to the right, arriving at a fork where we can leave our vehicles and enjoy a wonderful panorama of shelved cliffs. To the right these form crevices which the more daring may venture to explore


The tower of Maro

This is one of the many watchtowers which scatter our coast. From here marvellous views can be appreciated, aswell as the chance to take a pleasant stroll around the surroundings. The access is conveniently signposted and is to be found exactly at the 297 kilometre of the N-340, where we move onto a earthen lane from which to the right we can see typical crops of the area and to the left an old pine grove. Upon reaching a widening of the lane we continue on foot, via the path that goes up to the tower. We could lose ourselves amongst the smells of thyme, rosemary, and other such aromatic Mediterranean plants. The length of the route is that of one kilometre.




Playa de Maro


This is a sandy beach of considerable size, with easy access and very popular during festive season.
To reach it we must take the same road as that leading to the La Caleta Beach, until reaching a small square with little parking space. From here we can go down to the beach, where there is a beach restaurant.
From the road it is a distance of 2 kilometres.